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“A letter came for you today; it’s from some attorney’s office.”

“A letter came for you today; it’s from some attorney’s office.”

“Yeah, that’s the thirteenth one in the past 3 days. I guess the lawyers have an automatic feed into the court system.”

“What do you mean, ‘court system’? What have you done now?”

“Oh, Ma, it’s no big deal. I just got a speeding ticket.”

“How bad is it?”

“They said I was going 63 in a 45 zone. But no way was I going that fast.”

“That’s what you always say. No wonder your insurance rates are through the roof. Well, all I have to say is, I’m glad your father isn’t here to see this. He’d be so ashamed.”

“Nice, Ma. Real nice.”

“And now you’ll have to go to traffic school, and they’ll probably take your license for a while, and how are you supposed to get to work?”

“I already got it all figured out. Joey’ll pick me up on the way to the quarry, and Sammy’ll bring me home. No worries, Ma.”

“That Sammy is bad news. Make sure he doesn’t stop by that bar on your way home, or you’ll be adding drunk and disorderly to that speeding ticket.”

“Jeez, Ma, way to pile it on! Sammy’s in AA these days–ever since he met Darlene, he’s been on the straight and narrow.”

“That’s what you need to do, Francis. Get yourself a nice girl, settle down, maybe think about giving me some grandchildren to spoil.”

“Ma, how do you get from speeding ticket to grandkids? For real, how does your brain work?”

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2 Responses to Acceleration

  1. J. Milburn says:

    Ha! That last line is great 😀 It is amazing how the most innocuous conversation can be steered to so far off course. Great work!

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